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Hey there, lovely soul! Welcome to my little corner of photography joy! I'm a Nashville-based storyteller who's utterly smitten with capturing the beautiful uniqueness in each person I meet. Whether we're diving into a cozy portrait session or celebrating YOU in a boudoir session, my goal is to weave your story into something that feels real, genuine, and stays with you.

My photography journey kicked off in 2014 when I got my hands on my first camera. Since then, I've been on this delightful journey of fine-tuning my skills and learning to see the magic in every face. Even though I initially dabbled in videography after leaving the University of Indianapolis, my heart made it clear – photography is where I belong, and I've been hooked ever since.

When I'm not chasing the perfect shot, you'll find me savoring the sweet moments with my hubby AJ and our two adorable cats, Boo and Kieda. I'm a sucker for mimosas and being a towney exploring all the shops and eats in my small town of Columbia, TN. Picture this: a toasty cup of coffee in hand, wrapped in a comfy sweater, RuPaul's Drag Race on the TV – that's my ultimate happy place.

I genuinely believe in the power of freezing those little, fleeting memories that make life so darn beautiful. Your vision is my muse, and I'm excited about the prospect of creating something truly special together. Let's make some enchanting photo magic – can't wait to get started!

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